Welcome to Unified Body Therapies

A Wholistic Community with a whole body approach to health. Every part of the body needs health for the healthy function of the whole, the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Greg and Rachel Heisel, owner’s of Unified Body Therapies work together as a couple performing therapeutic massage as a team and separately.

Greg and Rachel are both Nationally Certified and Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapists with five years of experience.

They seek to provide several therapies and work with holistic health care professionals. Some of these therapies include natural detoxes, heat therapy, ear-wax removal, many different types of massage, and more! In the near future they hope to offer health and nutrition classes, all with the mission to be a unified health center serving clients in and around Chetek including tourists and seasonal visitors.

Devoted to treating the body as a whole with many members, their philosophy is when one part suffers, the whole is affected. The “whole body” approach aims to help restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit of a person. They acknowledge the intricate and restorative power of the body and seek only to be a catalyst to help bring the body back into balance, allowing it to heal itself as if flows back into unity as a whole according to its original design.


4-handed massage

Rachel and Greg Heisel Performing their Dual 4-Handed Massage


massage room 2

Rainbow Room

massage room 1

Plant and Pottery Room